Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete Foundation Repair In Indianapolis

Building a strong foundation is the key to building your home. It can make or break how sturdy and safe it will be in case of an earthquake, so construction must not be taken lightly.

Concrete contractors have many different solutions available for any given problem and Concrete Contractor's team can help determine what would work best by consulting on their experience over decade’s worth of projects

A foundation problem is one of the worst things that can happen to a structure. For this, we do all we can get you the best concrete foundation at a reasonable price, no matter your desired type.

T-Shaped Foundations

The T-shaped foundation is the most common type of foundation used in arid areas where the ground freezes.


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    It's essential to maintain footing below frost line, so be sure that before laying your new building you consider carefully what materials and design will best suit this requirement. Our experts can guide you through every step of construction while keeping both structure integrity and safety as priorities!

    The footing for a T-shaped foundation will be made broader than the wall. The wall will then be given more support because of this. This works in our favor as we can start constructing the walls right away, and since they have enough time to cure before being used directly.

    Concrete is poured in between the walls of a T-shaped foundation and this ensures that it can withstand any amount of weight. For additional information on other concrete products, such as slabs or retaining walls contact us today!

    A concrete foundation will be a key component of the house's structure. The slab-on grade type is made from one layer, so it can best handle areas where groundwater remains unfrozen during wintertime weather conditions.

    This concrete slab is typically several inches thick, and to make it stronger you can pour reinforcing rods at the edges.

    You'll never hear the ground crack again when you pour your slab on a bed of crushed gravel and add some wire mesh!


    Frost-protected foundations provide insulation from the cold temperatures, which can cause a building to sink into the ground.

    We use two sheets of firm polystyrene to create a solid foundation for this type of structure. We place one sheet at the base before pouring, and then we install the second with an adhesive on its outside so that it can wrap around all sides while maintaining insulation in between.

    The ground icing in this area can be a formidable obstacle, but with the right foundation you don't have to let it slow down your construction.

    Foundation Durability

    Concrete Contractors of Indianapolis is a company that has been in business for many years now. We pay great attention to every activity for the distinct phases of our project, matter or type of concrete foundation or  we are pouring. Keep your concrete driveway looking fantastic. We have state-of-the-art equipment for every stage at Concrete Contractors of Indianapolis ., which allows us to complete even complex projects on time and within budget - because your satisfaction matters!

    The project team is made up of experienced experts who are passionate about their work. They utilize every stage and phase to make sure that the foundation lays firmly, as if waiting for you!

    The construction company's staff has decade’s worth of experience in each specialized field so it can provide excellent quality across all its jobs.

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